Our Commitment

This information will navigate our journey with you towards a successful sale. By putting these terms of sale, in writing you will know exactly what it is that we would be doing on your behalf should you engage our company as your chosen agent to represent you.

Our commitment is to keep you fully informed of every step of the process to achieve an excellent result in the active market.

This proposal will cover the following areas:


In order to achieve the best result, we have broken up the selling process into three simple steps that we believe will provide the most effective structure in selling your property. Creating energy around the property is what attracts the best purchasers early. Solid marketing to our confirmed and registered database in addition to the promotional campaign will ensure that everything possible is being done to provide the comfort and security that your property is sold for its greatest price in the timeframe that is acceptable to you.

Phase 1: Behind the Scenes

Creative Development
Contract of Sale
Database Notification
Coming Soon Campaign
Pre-Marketing Preview

Phase 2: On the Market

Signboard & Internet Launch
Distribution Marketing
Database Appointments
Interest & Price Guide Report
Opening for Inspections

Phase 3: Results & Decision

Marketplace Reports
Possible Offers
Negotiation Process
Confirmation of Sale & Price
Sold & Awaiting Settlement

Marketing Plan





Signboards with 2 pointers

Single Board

Internet Advertising (realestate.com.au)

Feature Properties

Standard Online Size

Professional Photography

Grub Media

15-20 photos, interior & exterior

Buyer Booklets

Printing, binding, run of 50 complete booklets

A4 booklet

Price to be discussed with agent at Market Appraisal

Essential Marketing Launch

As part of our commitment to your property, we will be doing the following essential marketing when you list your property with Parkes & Partners Real Estate:

  • Placing your property in our window display
  • Launching the property on our multiple websites
  • Writing a feature editorial for the local press
  • Sending a bulk communication via email and SMS to all registered buyers
  • A local Just Listed property brochure followed by phone call

Property Checklist

The presentation of your property is a key part of a buyers first impression. Ensuring your property looks its best, prior to photographs being taken and before each open house, will give you the best opportunity to achieve an astounding result. In order to help you with this, we’ve put together a small list of ideas that you may want to consider when presenting your property.


Always ensure that lawns are freshly cut and edged. Place fresh mulch on the garden beds. Neatly trim trees around windows and doors. Remove any clutter or rubbish from around the exterior of the house. Ensure garden hoses are neat and tidy.

Always empty bins and keep them out of the sight, if possible. Where possible, clean windows/glass on the exterior of your property. Make sure you keep garden hedges trimmed. Place additional plants to fill garden beds where needed. Clean out any visible storage and under the house, where applicable. Finalise any small painting jobs on the home or surrounding structures.


Remove any clutter to give a minimalist and welcoming feel. Ensure internal windows/glass/screens are clean, including mirrors. Wipe down window sills and clean out sliding door tracks. Steam clean carpeted areas, where possible. Check for and clean any marks on internal walls. Paint or repaint walls, if necessary. Ensure kitchen cook tops and benches are wiped clean. Wash or replace curtain/blinds where required. Remove dust build up or spider webs if applicable. Make sure all light globes and fittings are in working order.

Building and Pest Inspections

A Pest and Building Inspection is an option for someone selling their property. In the majority of cases, a buyer will be advised by their solicitor to do both prior to exchange. When going to auction it is recommended to do your own Pest and Building reports to ensure there are no issues with your home prior to the marketing campaign starting. It’s also beneficial to be able to pass these on to any of the interested parties during the campaign. Please understand these are merely suggestions to assist you in achieving the very best result possible. If you need any help with the presentation of your home or need external help with getting any work completed.

Buyers' Pyramid

Selling Plan

The following check list will navigate your journey with us towards a solid understanding of every important step of the real estate process.

  • Market Appraisal
  • Signing the agreement will be the activation of our service
  • We will prepare a full detailed list of features and benefits of your home
  • We will provide you with a check list that helps you in preparing your home
  • Photography will be booked
  • Preparation of documentation and legals
  • Your keys will be tagged and registered
  • We will secure marketing space for media release
  • Organise copywriting for information text
  • We will send bulk messages (email & sms) to our data base (“Coming Soon” message)
  • Signage will be arranged
  • A team visit will be booked
  • Decide on which buyers qualify to inspect the home
  • Generate interest through the surrounding local residents
  • We will provide you with feedback regarding inspections and offers
  • Facilitate all possible offers and negotiate the best possible outcome
  • Await your decision of what is acceptable to you
  • Once the above is achieved we will execute all paper work
  • Attach the sold sticker
  • Pay the sales funds into your nominated account

With the above check list complete you can move on with your plans. We would then thank you for the opportunity for being your agent and hope we have earned the right to be referred to your family and friends.

In today’s real estate industry, the only indication we have that we are completely qualified to sell real estate is your satisfaction and testimonial.